Dharani online land registration process, Telangana

Dharani Website for Land Records of Telangana State. Dharani Website Land registration online, Registration process reforming is a great initiative in telangana state. Adangal, 1B, Pahani and Maps updated info now digitalized. The Government of Telangana will soon launch Dharani website, a new portal with all the land records. registration process now takes digital step. The website will be uploaded with all the new information of land records after the purification of records and re-survey of lands of local places. everyone must register through land registration process. The website is likely to be launched by the President of India or Prime Minister of India in occasion of independence day august 15th.

Dharani Online Land Registration System Process

Dharani website Issue of New Passbooks for registrations. Apart from this, the TS Government looking forwards, work for development. it has also taken several initiatives towards digitalization of the lands information and revenue transactions.TS Government new initiative registration process. The Government will issue new pattadar passbooks to eligible candidates.

Dharani Online Land Registrations in MRO Offices:

for new registers, The TS Government will be launching registrations in MRO offices as the new land records and data is available with them. they works develops all services. Official Dharani website will have more security features to avoid misuse of land information. avoid mislead any data, theft, hack security. users can set 2-way security for user profiles. The data also will be used to implement Rs. 4000 input subsidy scheme to farmers. it will implement more useful for Telangana farmers.

Dharani Land Registration System Process.

The new land registration system will be commenced on 11 March 2018. everyone can register their land digitalized. The Mandal Revenue Offices (MRO) would carry out the registrations as Tahsildars. they register land records. There are 141 registration offices in the state and they will be continued with the existing functions. MRO offices will serve registration functions where ever Sub Registrar offices are not available in the state. There are 443 such manuals in the state where Sub Registrar offices are not available and people have to travel for registrations. MRO offices will do registrations from Monday to Friday. timings 9 am to 4:30 pm

Corruptions, land grabbing/land mafia’s encroachments, double registrations etc., are some of the evils which should not occur in this new way of registrations. Also, the government should take care to make government rates of the land will be on par with the market prices and thereby registration charges should come down. Transparency of property rates may help in stopping the different forms of corruptions occurring in registrations. If the government succeeds in wiping out corruptions, that will be a big win for the state. In few years, Telangana will become a developed, bright, sacred, spiritual and great state.

The Pattadar passbooks and registration process, online submissions documents would be sent directly to the parties through courier. The process for registration is that the sellers/buyers should seek time slot from the sub-registrar. all set to take forward step into the land registration process. The land sale or purchase will be recorded in the Pattadar passbook by MRO officers. Mandal officials to launch Dharani services on a pilot basis in five medals in the first phase and 30 medals in the second phase, testing all methods, in real time view. before the actual launch of the actual website in June. The first phase pilot project will start on May 7 in five manuals and the second phase will start on May 19 in 30 manuals, one manual each in 30 districts. decided to test phase wises.

KCR announced that Dharani website on land registrations will come into effect from June. many farmers eagerly waiting for this site. New registrations will be implemented in a transparent and fair manner, more security. with this innovative plans, the government has more chances to work transparency. The registration process of five zones in the state will be held in the first phase and 30 zones in the next step. New registrations through Dharani website should be made without any flaws or loopholes, anyone can apply for their land registration at Telangana Dharani official website.

The details will be uploaded on Dharani and passbooks will be sent through courier like passport.it will take 10-15 days to reach candidates hands. There will be no need to bribe officials for this purpose which is a major complaint received at all Sub-Registrar offices currently. more secure, more user-friendly site created. It will be possible to know the land record details on a real-time basis from anywhere. check the real-time view, all information, land rates seller and buyer info. It facilitates farmers to address his/her grievances. SMS and e-mail alerts will be enabled to all connected persons and there will be quick redressal of grievances filed by the farmers. Innovative by Telangana Government


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